The Lovely Jenny

Is it Wednesday already? It can't possibly be! Right, so I had a fantastic Friday afternoon that normally I would have written up on Friday evening or Monday. However, somehow my week has gotten away from me so you are getting it now.

On Friday I met in person for the first time the lovely Jenny--who is just as lovely and wonderful as her blog. She was dropping her freshman son off at BYU and so we met up for a little ice cream and a lot of chatting. We talked family, sons going off to college, religion, and even delved into the political world of the Kennedy's.

The Kennedy's were a very good topic for both of us as we both admire so many of the things that family has done. One of the things we talked about was how very gracious they are. I could also say so very much about their commitment to public and private service or the many organizations created or acts passed, but what so often strikes me is their graciousness. For example, RFK jr. spent over 3 hours outside the JFK Library and Museum greeting members of the general public who had come to pay their respects to his uncle. And there are more acts of graciousness that I could mention and that Jenny and I discussed. But what strikes me and saddens me is that this graciousness (do I say from a bygone era?) stands out so much because it is currently so lacking in today's world.

It is so lovely when we do encounter gracious people why don't we try harder to emulate that? I should say why don't I try harder to emulate that? I want to be a more gracious person. I want to send letters and thank you cards and little notes just because. I want to arrive at friend's homes with hostess gifts. I want to know just what to say and how and when and for those words to be kind and uplifting regardless of the situation. And I want to wear dresses and pearls when I'm cooking (a la Julia Child). These are the things that I am going to begin to work on. Please feel free to call me on it when I fall short--really I mean that.

Just as we were finishing up our ice cream and preparing to leave Jenny told me that she had a gift for me and handed me the loveliest packet of cards (2 of which I have already framed) of Cape Cod--a place that I love as well as anyplace on the Earth--proving to me that the loveliest people really do reside in Massachusetts and they aren't all named Kennedy.


ellen said...

I think you are right about Massachusetts! And, Jenny is the best. :)

Yankee Girl said...

Ellen!!! The cards were your cards and I sooo very much adore your photos!

Jenny said...

Yankee Girl...
I'm moved~
What nice things you said. It's funny--I spent my plane ride home writing notes to people in Utah, and I sadly realized you were the only one who I didn't have an actual address for!

Janssen said...

I too want to live a gracious life. I'm working on the thank you cards :)

Science Teacher Mommy said...

What a beautiful post. I'm jealous that you met Jenny. She is definitely on my list of bloggy friends who I'd love to have for real friends too. Oh, and you too.