I attempted making omeletts last night for the first time. It didn't go great. I blame Julia Child and her cookbook that fooled me into thinking that l'omelette brouillee would be easier than l'omelette roulee. The entire time I kept thinking "this is just a cross between scrambled eggs and fried eggs," and "I must be doing this wrong," and "why did I think I could make omelettes?".

Had my french been better I would have realized sooner that l'omelette brouilee translates as scrambled omelette--therefore it truly was supposed to be a cross between scrambled eggs and fried eggs. Had I realized that sooner I probably wouldn't have overcooked them and they might have looked a little more appetizing. Nevertheless, they were really quite amazingly good and I'm dying to try again. Next time, though, I'll try l'omeltte roulee as demonstrated by Julia herself here: (it doesn't really look all that hard--hahahahah)

My question to you is what fillings do you like in your omlettes?


Science Teacher Mommy said...

I saw this exact clip on PBS on Saturday. Bizarro. I don't do L'Omelete Julia-style. Too raw.

I mix in all my goodies into the egg and use a bit of milk. I use my non-stick pan, wait until the center is just set and then run my spatula around the edge and fold it as it slides onto the pan. A little more well-done and slightly browned on the outside. But hey, no salmonella.

Actually, only Plantboy eats eggs. Now, I'm definitely a crepe girl.

Janssen said...

Cheese and tomatoes. Except I kind of hate eggs. So yeah, cheese and tomatoes, no actual omelet.

Natasha said...

I like cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and green peppers.

Jenny said...

Not a real omelet fan; about once a year for me, and then it's cheese, tomatoes, green onions... maybe some crumbly bacon.
My husband? He puts the kitchen sink in. And one of his faves is pepperoni. I draw the line.

Nemesis said...

Right now I would love a mushroom, spinach & goat cheese omelet. Doesn't that sound fabulous?

Denise said...

I love olives, cheese, peppers...I am getting hungry!