So two days ago now was my first really good introduction into the country world at large. I've learned a few things like if I'm going to really become a part of this world I need bigger hair, tighter jeans, a cowboy hat, and a boyfriend with a bit of a beer belly and long hair that he can pull back into a pony tail. Ok, so this is a bit stereotypical and I saw some very reasonable looking people enjoying the concert, but the reason stereotypes exist is that there are enough people doing something to make it seem true (or there is enough propaganda to make us believe it is true, but I going with the first one in this particular case). The thing is, none of the singers performing would fit into this category. So why is it that country fans don't try a bit harder to emulate those that they worship?

Sorry, I digress a bit. As you can see the title of this post is Alcohol so lets get on topic. (Actually a plastic cup of beer would be something else I would need to fit into the country world--sorry, I really do have a great respect for the country music world. Apart from all the songs about leaving your girlfriend for fishing, killing your husband for sleeping around, or other songs on adultery in general, I find that country music is very home-town value centered and not at all ashamed about singing about religion and God. Sorry, again I digress a bit) I would just like to leave a few comments directed at those of you sitting around me that got drunk at the concert a couple of days ago. You know who you are (skanky couple who kept making out in front of us).

1. Just because you are drunk doesn't make me your best friend.

2. Alcohol doesn't make you better looking. (Unless, perhaps, I'm the one who is drunk)

3. Alcohol doesn't make you funnier.

4. Alcohol doesn't make you smarter.

5. Alcohol most definitely doesn't make you a better dancer.

6. I don't care who you are, how high you think your alcohol tolerance is, or what you are drinking, one drink does affect you (see above for how or rather how it doesn't). Trust me, as a sober person who has watched people start at sober and end up drunk from here to Ireland, all it takes is one drink for me to see the side effects start and they aren't pretty. Just in case you were wondering, the reason I leave after you order your 3rd drink is that your pathetic behavior is not charming or funny but rather embarrassing to the both of us.

In closing, please, please tell me you didn't drive home.

p.s Check out my pics a couple posts down again. I fooled around with the lighting and they are a bit better.


Denise Hollinger said...

I agree, I love country music because I can relate to it. I will admit, I do like some songs about killing hubbies, adultery and so on but I can not relate. I can not believe Jillian and Ammon were making out in front of you!!!! Hahaha, we'll see how long it takes her to read your blog! I think country singers are some of the hottest singers but the fans...yuck! You need to be looking for your future hubby elsewhere!

Denise Hollinger said...

ohh, and how did you mess with the color on your pictures? Very cool that you can do that. I need a camera class!

Yankee Girl said...

I have Picasso software on my computer and it let me play with the light--I think any photo software will let you do this. I'm in no way a pro so it had to be simple.