President Hinckley

So I've been wondering what to say about the passing of our dear prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. I don't mean to sound too cold hearted or callous, but I don't find myself sad at his passing. Of course his sharpness, tact, wit, and humor with be missed, but I just keep thinking of the reunion that must have taken place last night with his dear wife who passed on a few years ago and can't be sad at the peace and joy that he must now have. Besides, after all the work that he had done for us here, he more than anyone I know deserves a bit of rest.

When I do think on all that he has done for us from building bridges between religions and community groups to urging us to be better, I think one of his great accomplishments is the work he has done in promoting temple building and temple attendance. Therefore, I think that since my poor words here can hardly do justice not only to the man he is but also the feelings I have for him, the best tribute I can give to him will be in taking some time this week to attend the temple.

Not that all this love and peace has made me any less annoyed with all the news outlets and world in general who devote hours and hours to the recent (and yes tragic) passing of an actor and barely note the passing of not only one of the greatest men of our time but the actual spokesman of God. How truly sad.

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Denise Hollinger said...

The first thing I said when I heard about his passing was "oh good". It sounds mean but I am so happy for him and I too was thinking of him and his wife being together again. I will miss him greatly and am very appreciative of all he did while he was prophet. Very good idea of going to the temple for him!