A Bit of Fashion

I am not any sort of a fashion icon. I don't think I am a fashion victim (most of the time), but I have for a long time been using the excuse of being a poor college student as a reason for not being entirely fashion conscience. I am trying to change this (I'm still poor) little by little so that I look more like the adult that I actually am and less like a 20-something college student that I am not. I was starting to feel pretty good about the direction I was heading when yesterday I was lead to believe that I am still not up to par. I was walking down the hall at work feeling all good about what I was wearing when the fashion teacher walked by me, obviously looked me up and down, and then continued walking. The thing is I know this teacher very well and after checking me out she didn't even say hi or acknowledge me even though we were 2 of 4 people in the hall at the time. So that leaves me to assume that she was so embarrassed by what I was wearing that she was trying to pretend that she didn't know/see me. This is what I was wearing: A thin (not bulky) black sweater turtleneck, dark, straight-leg jeans, black patten heels (the jeans were long enough to cover all but the toe of the shoes), and a silky black with white polka dot scarf thingy as a headband. I still don't think there was a problem with what I was wearing, but maybe you should take my bit of fashion advice for what you will.

I have discovered a new favorite store: Steve and Barry's (at 5546 South Van Winkle Expressway Murray, UT). If you haven't yet heard of this store, its basic premise is that fashion and quality needn't be expensive. What they do is go out and get famous people to come in and help design clothes for their stores that they sell for no more than $20. Sarah Jessica Parker (a bit of a fashion icon) is one of these individuals and has helped design a label called Bitten. And she actually wears this stuff around (I've seen pictures) so for $20 or less you can wear the same shirt, jacket, pants, skirt as Sarah Jessica Parker. That way when someone compliments you on the shirt you are wearing you can casually say, "I saw Sarah Jessica Parker wearing it the other day and just had to have it." That would impress me. Among the other stars helping us out are Amanda Bynes (her line suits teens and young 20s) and Venus Williams (a sporting line). There are men's and children's clothes as well, but I didn't check out that part of the store. So far I've only been once (sadly I don't live close enough to go a lot--maybe that's a good thing) but I came home well satisfied and looking forward to my next trip up. So there it is, a little fashion advice from a struggling fashion victim.


cranat said...

I have been wanting to go to Steve and Barrys. I saw a big thing about it on Oprah. And anyone who knows me well at all knows I love a bargain.

Yankee Girl said...

I was thinking of going up again in a couple of weeks? Do you want to come?

Denise Hollinger said...

I think your outfit sounds really cute and in style!! I am not up with fashion but I think the teacher was jealous of your style.

When I am in town we will have to make a trip to this store! I was bummed you can not buy things online :(

cranat said...

Yeah! we should go! Call me or email me or blog me or whatever!! :)

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I think your outfit sounds fabulous. Maybe the teacher's response was not what you expected, but she probably just had something else on her mind.

I'm probably on my way out as far as style goes; I still get a lot of compliments (and used to get them from my students, too), but I think it is about to come to an end. Why? The styles coming back now have too many hints of the 80's (my junior high years) in them--leggings, heels differently colored than the hose, skinny jeans. I know I'm getting old when I say, "Been there, done that, just can't do it again," or "As long as it is flattering . . ."

I think I'm pretty good at layering and I'm good at finding unexpected stuff to match up with other things. Lately I've become a Goodwill shopper and have found some fantastic things. And right in the budget. :)

Yankee Girl said...

Denise-It's a plan. And not only can't you order things online you can't even look at their clothes online.

Cranat-I'll call

STM--Thank you for giving the teacher the benefit of the doubt--I really should try that more. I am with you on the 80s style. If that is to become style then I am fine being out of style. I am a real wimp when it comes to matching things up so I tend to do all one color or play it safe with jeans--or copy the manequin in the store exactly.