Leeks are Lovely

As suggested by my new favorite book French Women Don't Get Fat, I spent part of the weekend eating nothing but Leek soup. (Her idea is that you kick start a new eating plan by quickly losing a couple of pounds--leeks are a diuretic--thereby giving you the hope that by sticking with her suggestions you will continue to lose weight--or something like that) And you know what? Leeks are really good. I don't know why no one has ever bothered to introduce them to me before because they weren't only good, but they were also super easy to cook. I liked them so much, in fact, that I have purchased a total of 6 leeks in the span of two days and and am heading back to the store after work today to get 4 more (apparently I purchased their entire supply of leeks and so I am being forced to wait until later today when they will be able to restock). The four I am picking up today will be going into a veggie soup that I am making tonight (with veggies like turnips--something else I don't think I've ever eaten). I am really excited (if you can't tell) by my new soup recipes as they sound really good, really healthy (cause I get to choose what goes in--no preservatives), and easy.

Another new thing this book has gotten me into is yogurt--plain yogurt with no preservatives and stuff. Now plain yogurt, if you've ever tried it, is just a bit bitter or sour tasting, but I tried it with a teaspoon of honey (book's suggestion) and wow was it good. It may just become one of my new favorite treats--thereby turning me into one of those fake celebrities who tries to tell us that their favorite treat is steamed veggies--yeah right! Only plain yogurt with honey is actually really great--or maybe anything would have been really great after eating nothing but leek soup for 2 days. Umm, hadn't thought of that before. Anyway, am very pleased with new soup and yogurt finds.

Oh, and I lost 2 pounds over the weekend. (But from here on out the book warns that weight loss will be around 3 pounds a month which sounds very reasonable and healthy and not too restrictive)


Kimberly said...

My favorite snack is Greek style plain yogurt with honey!! I sometimes add a sprinkle of granola and sliced fruit to make it a meal.

And aren't leeks the best? My mother cooks with them all the time.

So I may have to check out the book. I need a kick start to my weight loss.

Denise Hollinger said...

Good job with your weight loss!!! I have never tried leeks. I do not want to run out and get them right now but will have to try them soon. I don't mind plain yogurt with fresh fruit. Josh's mom uses plain yogurt in place of sour cream. Keep up the great work.

cranat said...

I've never tried Leeks. I will have to try them soon.

Yankee Girl said...

Kimberly--I've heard very good things about Greek yogurt, but Target was out when I was there buying yogurt so that is on my list to try.

Denise and Cranat--Yes you must try leeks.