Man-Candy Friday: Sexiest Brits

Ok, so I don't really have anything to write about but feel strangely obligated to write. (I suppose I could write a little bit about why it is that I feel obligated to write, but that doesn't sound as much fun as having a Man-Candy Friday) So, anyway, I thought I would bring a little poll being done by Hello! magazine to determine the Most attractive man and woman of 2007 as well as the most elegant woman to your attention. One of the interesting things that I think becomes so immediately obvious is that the British have seriously different ideas of what should qualify as attractive and elegant than Americans do (or at least than this American does). First up most attractive woman: so far leading with 22146 votes votes Britney Spears. Now she is actually quite an attractive woman, but really I don't think she qualifies as most attractive woman of 2007.
There are others on the list that I would like to question, but let's get on to most attractive man: so far leading with 76261 votes is David Tennant of Dr. Who fame followed by Hugh Laurie and Nick Carter. UMMM, no, no, no. (Sorry Nemesis, I know that Hugh is your boyfriend and I respect that, but I just can't vote for him as most attractive). Now let's move on to most elegant woman where Madonna leads with 16119 votes. She is followed, respectively, by Christina Aguilera and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Again, the current results just make me stare in disbelief--Especially when I like to think of the British as being just a bit elevated on the whole elegance scale. So who would my picks be, you ask. After not very much consideration:

Most Attractive Woman 2007:

Diane Kruger (of National Treasure 1 & 2 and Joyeux Noël)

Most Attractive Man (I'm going to put this one out there because I hear after I see P.S. I Love You this is how I will feel about him):

Gerard Butler

Most Elegant Woman (say what you will about her marriage, she just didn't do much wrong fashionwise in 2007):

Katie Holmes

Who are your picks? Do you agree with the Brits?


Denise Hollinger said...

I agree with you what is up with the best of 2007!!! Maybe these are much younger readers. I am going to have to agree with you on Katie Holmes. I do not really respect her husband (because I know him personally!) She has really matured her look and is elegant. The girl you picked for best looking is very attractive, I have never heard of her. I am a big fan of Reese Wither....I am not even sure what her last name is! The male is okay looking but we already agreed we have different taste. That is so crazy who they picked!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Brittney Spears is trash. Sorry, even when she was cuter and thinner she was trash. Cute, yes. Elegant or pretty or whatever. NO.

I like the women chosen. I've always loved that National Treasure gal. So elegant, classy, refined, real beauty--she's the package. I also quite love Nicole Kidman though she is a little too waxed these days. I loved her in the wild, curly red-head days. As far as really elegant goes . . . I just think Hollywood doesn't really produce an actress that often that gets Audrey Hepburn status in my eyes. Lots of good actresses, they are just missing that . . . quiet dignity? I don't know.

And the cutest guy? I'm a big fan of musicians. The whole rebel thing, I guess. So the award here goes to Nicole's hubby, the talented, sexy, and yes, short, Keith Urban. He was even cute with his gappy teeth. I'm also a big fan of Rob Thomas. I don't know how blue his eyes really are, but he is quite fabulous nevertheless. And yes, I think Bono is extremely attractive. . . Okay, I'm a happily married woman so I'm going to be done now.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Oh, and PS, Hugh Laurie when he was on Rowan Atkinson's show Blackadder (look for it on Youtube if you don't have reruns on BBCAmerica) is the funniest human ever. Attractive. Oh no. But SO funny.

Yankee Girl said...

Science Teacher Mommy--I agree that none of today's leading actresses fit glamour in the sense that Audrey Hepburn did. I wasn't even thinking the term glamour all the way through when I came up with this. Katie Holmes looks good, but I really couldn't say whether she has any other qualities of glamour. And for men, I didn't even think about musicians--I just got stuck in the actor mode and it never crossed my mind. I agree Hugh Laurie is very, very funny (and that can make him rather attractive), but he's not atractive on looks alone and that was what I was going for. And yeah, Spears is trash.