Resolution Keeper

So I started with the easiest one first, but I have now finished five mood mixes (so as not to be a drink-sodden DJ-style person with tapes scattered all over floor). They are as follows:

1. A Love Affair (very good love songs--you never know, I might need these this year--stop laughing!!!)

2. A Rainy Day Production (I like rainy days so this isn't a mix of sad song. It is more soulful and mellow--something I can curl up in a blanket, read a book, while sipping hot chocolate to)

3. Rhythmic Joy (Songs for my niece Grace to dance to--have tested the mix and according to 1-year-old Grace I am not a hopelessly uncool aunt, but I can create danceable dance mixes--although some of the songs seem to inspire running in circles)

4. Up from Apathy (Great songs that examine what is wrong with our world and encourage us to do something about it--most of them anyway a couple might just be angst ridden songs or songs with a good head-banging beat.)

5. Feminist Doctrine (Strong female vocals about strong females)


Science Teacher Mommy said...

Your music mixes have such cooler names than mine. I am thinking of changing my "Girl Power" mix to "Feminist Doctrine." You've got to down load a song by Kate Bush called "Woman's Work" for that mix if you haven't yet. I've also got "Summer Music," "Winter Music" and a whole playlist called "Nomad," which I love. I want to put it on my blog, but I have had trouble finding the songs I want through project playlist.

I wish I had gone to London in my late 20's also. ;) And, as much as I love Plantboy, he has NO desire to see Europe. I think if we ever get to do a really big trip, it will probably be to New Zealand. Which is really okay with me too. . . but I would love to get back to England with a little bit more maturity and perspective under my belt.

Yankee Girl said...

STM--I didn't have Woman's Work, but I love that song so now I have it so thanks (I need to stop visiting the iTunes store cause 99 cents is going to start adding up.) I do like your idea of having Summer Music and Winter Music.

Plantboy doesn't want to see Europe!!! It is a good thing you are already in love and married cause otherwise I would have recommened against a relationship with him ;) Actually, New Zealand sounds fabulous.

Denise Hollinger said...

Very nice mix's! I would love to do this, I do the i-pod lists! I have to make an 80's mix for a jumprope-athone we are doing in YW's. We are even dressing up in 80's workout clothes!!! You want a copy??? All it will cost is you dressed in some 80's workout atire posted on your blog!

MBC said...

I have great faith in your mixes, because I visited your blog while I had my headphones on today and heard your blog playlist. I've been unable to leave my desk for several hours, because I have to keep listening to "Bubbly." I really need to take some stuff upstairs, but I don't want to take off my headphones.

Kimberly said...

I so need detailed lists of your songs. I am ashamed to say that I have had an i-pod for over a year and it still sits here empty. I am so uncool. Please help! :)

cranat said...

Nice! I just barely even decided what my new years resolutions should be, so you are one step ahead of me. I am so glad you are a resolution keeper!!! :)

Yankee Girl said...

Denise--um, so not going to happen.

MBC--I love Bubbly too (see Cranat, something is obviously wrong with you--how can you not love this song) and when I get on here I put off leaving my desk or even my site so I can listen to all my songs.

Kimberly--You are so uncool, unlike me who is cool (according to 1 year olds). I'll get you a list of my songs.

Cranat--don't be too impressed, it is just one very small thing. Hopefully it will lead to bigger and better thing, though.

Thanks to everyone for commenting. I feel loved today.