Bag Tagged

I've been tagged by Cranat (actually was tagged quite a bit ago but it has taken me awhile to take pictures of my purse and then a bit longer to upload the pictures).
So here is what you do....

1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Show a picture of ALL the contents in your bag. NO CLEANING OUT FIRST!!!!
3. "Bag Tag" five people.

This is a great tag because I have actually been thinking of doing a blog on my purse (well one of my purses--I kind of have a thing for purses. I'm not too obsessive (don't have the money to be) but I definitely have more than I need/use. Anyway, here is one of my latest. It is called a Miche bag and here is how it works: The outside of the bag is a removable shell attached with strong magnets to the purse itself. Here is my favorite shell on my purse:
When you get tire of the shell you have (or need to change it to coordinate with your outfit) you simply pull the shell off.

And replace it with your new shell. Voila, new purse without having to take the contents out of one purse and put them into another. I love it.

And almost best of all, the shells that you are not using store flat so they don't take up a lot of room.

Now for the contents of my bag:

I didn't realize how dark my pictures were so let me tell you what is in my bag: 1 pen; 1 mirror compact depicting a Jack Vettriano work (one of my favorite artists) that I bought in Paris; keys; my black wallet that I love because it is so slim (it is under my keys); chapstick and lipstick; a package of Popsicle sticks (I am a nursery teacher); my peacock coin purse (which I also love); my Body Shop cranberry body butter; My iPod; breath mints; Poetry 180 (a good purse read because I can pull it out and read a few poems whenever I have a bit of extra time); a running notes list covering topics of an address, movies filmed in Boston (preparing for the Boston trip), and this week's dinner menu; and my last receipt from Iceberg--a wonderful hamburger shop that serves great burgers, great shakes (that are huge), and the best fries ever!--not really part of my diet is it.


Denise Hollinger said...

Your bag was so clean and organized. I love that bag but not enough to purchase it. I use a baby bag or a large bag when I am out because of the kiddos junk! It is funny how different the items in everyone's bag's are.

Hamburgers and shakes are not on your diet...until I get into town! We need to diet hard to eat all the junk we want for spring break. A little competition...I have now lost 2 pounds!!!!

cranat said...

Your bag is no fun... its clean. :)

Jillian said...

Those purses are so fun ... if only I could fit all of my crap into that tiny thing! Diapers and wipes take up a lot of space! I agree with everyone else that your bag is too clean and organized. How do you do it? I'm glad you didn't tag me!

Yankee Girl said...

My bag isn't big enough to get to messy--plus I don't really use it a whole lot.

Denise--Thanks for the competition it helps a ton. I did give into temptation last night and had a slice of Kneader's chocolate muffin bread. I only weigh myself on Saturdays so we will have to wait until then to see how that may ahve affected me and how I am doing. But you competition will help me tonight when I am out at the BYU volleyball game--no nachos, candy, or even frozen lemonade for me!

chosha said...

Love that bag idea. Sadly they only deliver to the US. :(

Jen said...

Love your bag! I think it's the cutest one I've ever seen, just don't know if I could fit all my junk in there! I love your blog! -your cousin