I'm Done With Winter

So do you remember my really fun new winter boots? And how I was complaining that I hadn't had the chance to use them? I have had my chance and I am now ready to put them away! We have now accumulated about 2 feet of snow and I am ready for spring. It's not a great shot, but here is Ellie demonstrating the depth of the snow (it is coming up to her shoulders, but the angle makes it a bit difficult to tell).

To make matters worse, we have been enjoying perfectly lovely weather with temps rising up into the high 30s and even the low 40s and now we are being told to expect to be plunged right back into the hard, bitter truth that it is still winter and that means it will still snow.
Please also note how my sidewalk/driveway is so perfectly shoveled! Thanks dad. And here is some proof that I have indeed had the chance to wear my boots:

I have to wear them because, unlike us, not everyone is good enough to shovel their sidewalks. Also you may not be able to tell but those are brown corduroys shoved into my black and white boots topped of with a light-blue coat. If I had allowed more of myself in the shot you would also have seen me in a bright green scarf and navy blue knit gloves baring the Yankee logo. Now this is the time that I should be regarded with disdain by fashion teachers everywhere!


Janel said...

I like the pic of your boots. It shows your best part of your body! Your legs. Just thought you should know I think Stacy shovels the side walk just as much as Dad.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Great boots. The little girl is adorable. Who is she?

I liked Eragon a lot: maybe TOO much journeying? I liked it better than Eldest (also a journey book); there were parts of the 2nd that I found predictable, plots "twists" that didn't really surprise. I'll be interested to see what the third is like. He's waited long enough to put it out.

If you like fantasy, however, you cannot do better than the Sevenwaters Trilogy. It has it ALL. I also love Robin McKinley more than any other author I've ever read.

Yankee Girl said...

She's my niece (just 1 of four adorable nieces)

I'm really enjoying Eragon so far. Thanks for the suggestion of Sevenwaters Trilogy. I do like fantasy, but I have read much yet and don't know much about who to read. I think after work I am going to go home (with some chocolate) and lock myself in my bedroom and just read--not only because that sounds wonderful, but also because I am getting quite the list of suggested books to read; Yeah!