Too Cool! and a Few Musings

Yesterday actually turned out not to be too bad despite the cruel, cruel weather. Work went along pretty much as normal, except the 30-40 minute power outage that somehow also affected our email server thereby prohibiting us from logging into email (once it was fixed the IT guy sent out an email telling us that it was fixed and we could now log on ???). Once home from work, I made some Valentine's cookies and my two nieces Grace and Ellie had a lot of fun decorating a few. (I think the Hales and the Fosters will both be posting about this today so I'll not put up any pictures) They were both quite good at it (considering they are both under 2). Ellie took the job quite seriously with a full furrowed brow of concentration going on. Grace smiled and laughed a bit more (especially once she discovered that eating the frosting instead of putting it on the cookie was the smarter, happier thing to do).

After eating a few too many cookies I made a nice pasta dinner and settled in to waste a bit of time watching tv. I watched Monarchy with David Starkey which is all about the British crown. Last night's episode was about the issue of heir after William and Ann. I don't know why but I totally eat up these shows about the British crown--not today's so much but the history of it all. Their solution to the problem of who would succeed to the crown once Ann died was really interesting. Rather than put a Catholic on the throne, they invited some guy who was 51st in the line of succession to come on over from Germany. I just can't imagine being so desperate to have a leader of a certain religion on the throne they would go outside their own country looking for a leader (oh wait, isn't that what conservative southerners did when they refused to vote for Romney because of his religion? Everyone on talk radio/tv seems nearly resigned to Obama sweeping the country because their isn't a conservative for Republicans to vote for. So by default Republicans have handed over "their" country to someone not of their own party all in the name of religion.) I'll have to catch the next episode of Monarchy to see how that went for the UK. (shhhhh, don't tell anyone but I'm personally quite hopeful that Obama will win) Anyway, after the show I tore myself away from the tv and did what I had intended on doing for the entire evening: I went to bed with a box of chocolates and read a lovely book. It was so nice that I think I will do that again tonight.

And now for a bit of fun. I wish I could have been there to see this in person.

So very cool!


Denise Hollinger said...

Sounds like you had fun decorating the cookies and eating them yum! The video was too cool. I wish I could have been there too. I would have been so confused :) I love the people walking by like everything is normal! I will have to show Josh that, he would want to do that sometime!!

Janel said...

Thanks for making the cookies with Eliza and Grace. It was such a good idea.