Resolutions: February Report

So it is February already and I haven't yet reported to you on how I am doing on my resolutions. In part, I haven't reported because I wanted to give myself a couple of extra days (or a week) to try to make myself feel and look better. So here it is, my report:

Will not be lazy--I haven't been too bad with this. When I'm not sick (which hasn't been too often) I get up out of bed at a good time. Unfortunately, I still watch too much tv--will work on that for next month.

Will stay in control of mail in-box--is completely empty right now at this exact moment!

Will not get annoyed with family--urrmmm will work on this for next month

Will not get upset over men--actually this is a bit of a cheat for me because I am so past getting upset over men. Getting upset over people who belittle me for being single or try to console me for being single all while in or not-so-inadvertently insulting me (I actually had one woman approach me after I was called to be a nursery teacher and tell me that she new I was going to get that calling because that is where they send all the women who can't get married--I know!!! I was good and just smiled all the while thinking that my situation could be worse than just being single: I could be married to her husband. (And while we are on the subject--kind of --of nursery, parents do not bring your sleeping children to us and expect us to take them off your hands; also parents please refrain from leaving your child in a dark nursery room with no adult supervision you can wait an extra minute for one of us to get there; and please pick up your children within say 5 minutes of church getting out cause coming 15 minutes after it is out is really not gonna work for us) So really I should probably change this one to not getting upset over married people who think I am less of a person because I am still single, but I think I need a freebie so I am keeping "Will not get upset over men"

Will be positive about everyone--obviously (see above) I still need to work on this one.

Will develop inner poise--I don't know how to define inner poise, but I don't think I have it yet.

Will lose 10 pounds--I lost 3 pounds and then gained 2.

Will purge flat of extraneous matter--urrmmm will work on this for next month

Will give away horrible clothes--This is the one I needed a couple of extra days to work on. I've given them all away. I even gave away my "I haven't done laundry for awhile and I'm desperate" clothes!

Will improve career and find new job--Am taking 2 college courses to help me with some hands-on training.

Will read books and listen to classical music--I read books, but I think I've only listened to classical music once this year--maybe I need a classical music mix.

Will go to the gym--urrmmm will work on this for next month

Will make music mood mixes--Yeah!!! I've done this one.

Will read Book of Mormon--Working on it

Will read Joseph Smith lessons--urrmmm will work on this for next month, but I am only 3 chapters behind so it is not hopeless

Will read from Preach My Gospel-- urrmmm will work on this for next month

Will write in journal--I'm working on it

Will do Family History work--Have been twice to the center to work on it!

I could do better, but I'm not failing miserably so I'm pretty pleased.


Denise Hollinger said...

You are doing good! You made a pretty big list for yourself. I would fail if my list was any more than 3! Sad, I know. I want to smack that rude lady with the comment about nursery! Some people. Keep up the good work.

cranat said...

You are doing great, keep up the good work! I am falling short on my goals! Oh well, just keep working on them I guess! And I second that the nursery comment woman should be slapped.

Janel said...

I have been so bad at my goals this year so your doing better than me.

Yankee Girl said...

Thank you for all your support. I would like to let you know that my mail in-box is still clear!