Wasting Time--Updated

OK I'm now working on take six of this post. First I posted the pic below, but then I took it off because I though it was one of Sussy's originals and that would be a copyright violation. So I posted a link to her page and then noticed that the link I posted was wrong (it actually sent you off to look at a little baby that is cute but not actually laugh-out-loud worthy). But then I realized that the pic is actually a catalogue picture so I figured that I can actually use it and I put it back up. Whew. So again here it is (again x 6):

I'm wasting a bit of time today by perusing the links on some of my favorite blogs. This is a favorite pastime of mine since it is like meeting wonderful, clever new friends, but I can do it in my pajamas or with a huge zit on my nose and I don't have to feel self conscience. Also, I don't have to worry about being clever or funny or interesting just they do. Anyway, I came across this fabulous little gem (A Little Sussy) with some really great photos. In particular, I love this one photo. It made me laugh out loud and garner stranger looks from others in the room with me right now.

Sussy wrote "i laughed so hard imagining him walking down the street with the coil up to his ear and the phone in his pocket." I too would love to see that. If perhaps you find that you need one of these they are available here.


Denise Hollinger said...

I need one of those! It would be fun to see people's faces while I was talking on the phone. Too bad we did not see this before Christmas, I had you last year!

So you will be off when I am in town eh??? I am already starting to plan! Do you want to try to go to that cheap fashion store in SLC. Can not remember the name...Sarah Jessica Parker has a line there. I understand if you are going to be out partying though :)

Yankee Girl said...

You don't know me very well if you think I would be out partying. Yeah, let's go to Steve and Barry's. It will be a good time to shop for some cute Spring clothes for our trip to Boston.