Dirk Pitt Continued

I can't do it. I thought continuing (against my better judgment) to read Shock Wave despite the book's laughable book flap would be entertaining and create some great blog fodder. And even though I tend to push through horrible books just to say I have finished it, I can't continue any longer. I did make it through 2 shipwrecks that brought the survivors to the brink of starvation forcing them to eat things that they normally would never even consider (including human flesh). I made it through the unaccountable and drawn out guilt of the heroine for the deaths of 3 people--even though she wasn't even present at the time of death or had any idea what it was that killed them. I even made it through the saving of one of these parties from a 20 foot shark by an 80 foot squid. But I can go no further. It was the arrival of Dirk Pitt and his thick curly black hair and muscular body "that a girl could learn to rely on" in the middle of a blizzard on a deserted island that finally did me in. I don't know why that should have done me in--really the shark/squid scenario should have done it--but the whole thing just became so ridiculous that I no longer care. Now, how do I go about returning the book to the library without drawing the attention of librarian who recommended it to me? And if she should see me, what do I saw to her? "Thank you for the recommendation. I can see why many people enjoy reading these books;" "I'm sorry, but I just couldn't get into it;" or "I had to stop reading it when I felt my brain turning to mush."

I am now once again without a book to read. Any suggestions?


MBC said...

I read my first Dirk Pitt novel this year after hearing people rave about him. I didn't like it.

I recently read The Luxe, which is a newish ya historical title that I think is going to get really, really big soon.

Some others that I always recommend are To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis, The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld, Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, um, I'm thinking, but I have to run to work. Right now.

Yankee Girl said...

Thanks so much for the suggestions mbc. I've read some other books that you have suggested on your blog so I know I can trust your taste and suggestions. My local library doesn't have The Luxe yet but I've requested they purchase it. In the meantime, I'm starting with To Say Nothing of the Dog.