Sexiest Brits Results

It's Super Tuesday and I (along with many of you) will be heading out in the frigid weather to cast my vote as part of this whole thing that we still like to call democracy. In the spirit of voting, I am reminded of that recent atrocity wherein the Brits were trying to convince us that Britney Spears was last years most attractive woman. As you may recall Hello! magazine was conducting a poll to determine the most attractive man, woman, and most elegant woman. Well, the results are in. And since we are not likely to know our own political voting results for several hours, here are Hello!'s results just to tide you over:

Most Attractive Female:

Britney Spears

Most Attractive Man:

Sean Bean

Most Elegant Woman:


So I guess there was a bit of a shake up in the final days with others agreeing with me that David Tennant was just not the most attractive man (although I quite like him as Dr. Who and he is nice looking in that British sort of way). I still wouldn't have picked Sean Bean, but I can get on board a little bit with him. I am still completely off board, though, when it comes to Britney and a bit iffy when it comes to Madonna. But I suppose I can support the British right to find what they will attractive as long as they don't tread on my right to define their list as crazy--I suppose technically the title to my post is incorrect since (fake British accents aside) neither Britney or Madonna are British.


Denise Hollinger said...

Interesting! I do not agree either. Hey, thanks for helping Janel get her blog going. I have been begging her to do a blog for so long! Now on to Stacy :)

Janel said...
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Janel said...

I think when Britney is all put together she is really pretty but we haven't seen that Britney for awhile now.

Yankee Girl said...

The point of the poll, though, was to pick the most attractive woman of 2007. Britney spent all of 2007 messed up and not looking very attractive.