Hello everyone my name is Yankee Girl and I have a problem. I collect cookbooks. It is a secret problem that many of you probably don't know about. I have a real weakness for pretty much any cookbook that was ever printed. Really there should be some sort of group for me to join: Cookbook Collectors Anonymous. Until there is (an until I decide to follow their 12 steps) I will go on collecting cookbooks. Now if you are thinking that my collecting of cookbooks has lead to me becoming a world-class chef that deserves to have her own show on the Food Network (I love the Food Network as well--is there a group for that?) you would be dead wrong. I am improving (slowly) as a cook and learning to really enjoy it (except the part where you are supposed to clean up your mess) but my favorite thing about collecting cookbooks is reading them. Almost all of my cookbooks contain really lovely pictures that I love to look at. Then I will move over to the ingredient list and begin to imagine what it must taste like. If I am truly inspired I might even finish off with a perusal of the directions to be followed by grand imaginings of me whipping up a wonderful meal that everyone will appreciate and rave over. Rarely, though, do I follow through all the way to the whipping up of a wonderful meal. Mostly I am just content to browse and dream. Knowing that I am not going to really use cookbooks for their intended purpose should probably deter my buying habits just a little, but the reading of them makes me happy and happy just shouldn't be messed with.

Here is a little gem that I purchased recently (and have used for its intended purpose twice!): The premise of this particular cookbook is to create fabulous salads starting with your basic pre-packaged salad and then adding a few extra ingredients. And not only are the recipes actually really great sounding and easy but the book is filled with pictures as great as the one of the cover (one for each recipe--and there are something like 100 recipes). So I am really pleased with this cookbook: it is pretty and useful. What's on tonight's menu? Well I'm having salad topped with shrimp grilled in a honey glaze. I guess sometimes addictions can turn out to be a positive.


MBC said...

I have this same addiction. In fact, all the women in my family do. I love reading cookbooks and I can't resist buying those little, community cookbooks put together for school or church fundraisers that you find in every rummage sale on earth. They always have recipes that I wouldn't actually make, but I love them. LOVE them.

Natalie said...

I love cookbooks too!!!! That was funny when you were describing first looking at the picture, then the ingredients and then maybe the directions because that is so totally me.

And may I introduce you to my favorite online recipe site in case you haven't already discovered it. www.allrecipes.com
it literally has all recipes and people leave reviews. I could read those darn reviews all day long. :)

Denise Hollinger said...

I too, have this problem! I try to cook out of them, only so Josh can not get annoyed when I buy another:) Too funny. We should compare books sometime. I also LOVE the recipe blogs. Here are a few of my fav's

http://familyfavoriterecipes.blogspot.com/ (this is the one me and my friends do, not professional!)



They have there favorite sites listed as well. I think it is just as fun as a recipe book.

Yankee Girl said...

Glad to know that I'm not the only one with a "problem."

Jen said...

I do not have this problem, but probably need it to get me cooking more. This looks like a really good one! Do you have a favorite that you could recommend?

sourfleed said...

If you find a group for Food Network Addicts (FNA) let me know. I'm sure my dh would pay to put me through therapy. Although, I don't know *why* he complains. He eats everything I make... :o) I love cookbooks too. I have a bunch and I flip through them occasionally simply to get inspired by the photos. :)

Yankee Girl said...

Jen--I'm thinking about it.

Sourfleed--welcome (you're little girl is so cute). The husband should have no complaints if he gets to eat it.