Reporting Day

Well ladies, it is reporting day once again. How much weight did you lose? I lost 1 pound which brings my total to 2 1/2 pounds. This, of course, means that I have 1/2 a pound to lose in the next week and a half before my sister comes to town. I think that is completely doable. I am actually rather pleased with my efforts and have begun to notice my clothes fitting a bit better so Yeah! I think that I have actually lost a bit more than 2 1/2 pounds in fat but have gained some in muscle which makes me even happier.

On another (and completely unrelated) note I watched Becoming Jane last night. I had not heard very nice things of this movie and so I watched it with very low expectations and was therefore pleasantly surprised--of course, I spent most of the movie pretending that it was not Jane Austen's life they were attempting to portray but simply a character from her time period. I think that helped me enjoy it a bit more--of course you can imagine my surprise when things ended badly and Jane didn't get her happily ever after! It is an interesting thought that perhaps something of this sort might have occurred in her life thereby prompting her to create heroines determined to marry for love and in the end overcoming money or family trouble to see their happily ever after. There is no proof, though, that this ever did occur or of Tom Lefroy and Jane Austen ever having such a deep love for each other. Back to the movie, I wasn't entirely in love with Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Jane Austen. I didn't hate it, but it seemed a bit forced and contrived--problems with writing as much as with acting I think. I did, however, very much enjoyed James McAvoy and thought he performed in his role quite well. In fact, he is very close to getting on my list of 5 (except I think he may be a bit short) and I am now thinking I need to search out some of his other works and watch him a bit more. Did anyone see Atonement? I haven't and don't even know what it is about. What else has he done that I can watch? Oooh, I just checked and his in in Penelope. I must get out to see that one, but I'd like to see him in a period piece again--period pieces are nice.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

Nem is all about James McAvoy lately. Some time back she posted a youtube clip for a movie preview--an action/adventure bit coming this summber--that he is in. It actually looks pretty wretched. But James McAvoy is pretty cute if you can get past the whole he once played a faun thing.

My sister and I have plans to watch Becoming Jane next time we are together. My expectations are equally low (I commented about why this is on Desmama's blog a few days back), and so I might find myself if not enamoured, at least engaged.

And a while back you asked everybody to weigh in on their favorite hottie actor/performer/famous person whatever. I really left off the guy I think is probably the best looking ever--like catch your breath cute. Aaron Eckhart. I actually haven't seen most of his movies, but he has a face that looks as though somebody made it up. NOBODY really looks like that except in imagination.

Yankee Girl said...

Yes, I had noticed Nem's thing with James McAvoy, but the whole faun thing made me wonder why. Now I understand. And yes the thing he is doing this summer looks entirely unintersting.

Continue to keep you expectations low will help you with this movie.

Aaron Eckhart! Yes! I don't know why I hadn't considered him as one of my 5. So sculpted. I really haven't seen many of his movies either (and none that were great) but I saw him on stage in London with Julia Stiles and he was really, really good.

Denise Hollinger said...

Okay so the whole "5 guys" I have nothing to comment! Well I do but I will keep it to myself ;)

I have been starving myself, seriously, to lose weight and don't know if this counts. I have a life insurance exam tomorrow morning and have not eaten in 1 day and don't plan to until tomorrow afternoon. I have lost weight by doing this!!! I am down 3 pounds this morning. Those darn girl scout cookies making me gain weight, uhh! I want to be at a certain weight to get a great rate and it is only 4 pounds off my normal, with clothes on! If I can loose 1 pound by tommorrow morning I will be happy :)

I think we should up our goal of three pounds to 4 pounds. What do you think? You could do it. 1 1/2 pounds in a week and a half..no problem. I will not starve myself anymore either!

Yankee Girl said...

OK Denise we will up it 4 pounds but only if you don't starve yourself--it's not healthy!! I understand you are trying to get a lower rate on your health insurance so this time I will look the other way. But you must eat the instant the life insurance guy leaves!

chosha said...

I think that was a good idea, watching 'Becoming Jane' as if it was not a story about her, but just a woman from her time. I found it hard to set aside my constant curiosity as to whether what I was seeing was accurate or guesswork. I don't know if she had a romance with that particular man or not, but I do think that she must have loved at some time. She seems to understand love, longing, love requited and unrequited, in a way that makes me believe she felt these things.

PS...Aaron Eckhart is adorable - not just for his face, but also his manner, expressions, everything.

Yankee Girl said...

Hi Chosha, yes pretending it wasn't about Jane Austen was a good move on my part.

Janel said...

Good job on the 2 1/2 pounds! keep it up your looking great!!!