Grace Time

Well to start off I would just like to welcome my cousin Jen and my Grandmother who I just found out read my blog (eek--now you know that I mentally swear at adults in nursery; I promise that I don't do that on a regular basis and that they really did deserve it and they weren't really bad swear words--if there is such a thing--I blame it on the Irish in me). Jen I think you should start blogging--I would love to read about what you are doing (Grandma to).
Now on to my post, last night I kidnapped my niece Grace for a bit of museum fun. It isn't the first time I've kidnapped her, but it is the first time it went well. The last time I took her we went to IHOP and she spent the entire time sitting in my lap reaching out for the door (I think in hopes that her mom would walk in and save her). Not wanting to give up, I took her up to the mall and walked around a bit. After awhile she relaxed and got into the walking around the mall thing that we girls love to do so we stopped and bought some pretzel bites. Then on the way to Grammy's house we stopped at Partyland to get some St. Patrick's Day supplies (a very important holiday). It was at Partyland that Grace first met Zac Efron--or at least a life-size cardboard cut out of Zac Efron. Apparently it was love at first site. I had to pull her off of him at least 4 times. Hannah Montana's cut out was next to Zac's and she couldn't have cared less. Just over 1 year old and already boy crazy!
Well, I tried again last night and it went much better (and this time I took pictures). We went to the Bean Museum and had a lot of fun looking at all the animals. Grace would walk from animal to animal pointing (and grunting) at each one. If I happened to get too far behind her she would turn around and grunt at me and wave me forward. There were only like 3 other people in the whole museum so it was really great.

Here is Grace with a Tiger

Here she is checking out the deer and elk (and rope)

Here she is with the Rhino (her favorite; we went back to it at least 5 times)

She approached the hippo (hanging on the wall with wide-open mouth) to check it out (very brave) and realized a little too late that there was a crocadile on the floor under it.

After the museum we went to a place called Smart Cookie and had (of course) cookies. I had a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and Grace had a snickerdoodle cookie. They were great! Can't wait to go back. Sadly, I didn't remember to take pictures here--which is truly too bad as Grace was in a particularly good mood (with all the sugar running through her veins) and was laughing at everything. So thanks for joining me for a bit of fun Grace and thanks for enjoying it more than you did last time.


Natalie said...

hey you are a good aunt to do that! How cute! As far as your aquarium trip goes, I would love to tag along, but I have a super busy week next week (I have a hard time telling people no). So let me know when its planned for and hopefully we can fit it in! It sounds like a blast!

Janel said...

Grace is so Brave!!! It looks like she did so much better than Eliza.

Jillian said...

And she still loves her ball souvenir. Thanks for taking her off of my hands again!

Denise Hollinger said...

So cute! Is the bean museum free?
I love that you make time for one on one time with your nieces. Grace is brave to stand that close to some of those animals!

Oh, Tag your it! See my blog. This is a fun tag.

Jen said...

I love reading your blog! It's the best way to get to know you better! And thanks to you and Denise and Janel and Jillian and now Rachel and some of my friends, I did start a blog. So stop on by! Would you care if I added you to my family list? You're such a good aunt!

Yankee Girl said...

Jen add away!