No Muss, No Fuss

I told you I would introduce a new challenge last week and I got a little caught up in stuff and never got around to. I had hoped to let you in on the challenge so that you could (if you so chose) use the weekend to kick start the challenge (I don't know why it is easier to kick something on the weekend instead of a Monday but it just is). So, anyway, this challenge is all about de-cluttering our homes. To play along officially you can go here. To play along with me, here are the rules:

1. Plan Your Purge: Make a plan of attack so you do a real purge (instead of just moving piles around). What are the trouble spots? Do you need to buy new organizers?

2. De-Clutter for 1 Week: Spend an hour a day for one week tackling one specific area of clutter (Thursday's the junk drawer, Friday's the bedroom closet, etc.) Sort everything into 3 piles: "trash," "donate," and "keep."

3. Donate What You Don't Need: Have your friends come by and pick out the best giveaway goodies. Then round up the leftovers and bring them to your local Goodwill or Church re-sale shop, both of which often accept clothes, toys, and household items. Call ahead to make sure they're accepting donations.

4. Celebrate Your Clutter-Free Home: All hard work deserves a reward. Take it easy for a night - order takeout and relax in your nice, clean house.

I am currently working on my week of de-cluttering and so far it has gone really well. As part of the challenge I reorganized my bookshelves and went through my closet and dresser. My bedroom is now so neat and tidy and such a nice place to be. I have one room to go until I finish this challenge but it will be a big project and will probably take me most of this week. Can't wait to take it easy, order takeout (maybe Iceberg--although Chinese sounds really nice right now as well), and relax.

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Denise Hollinger said...

I have a few areas in my house that need to be tackled. Having take out at the end is a good idea. I hate feeling the pressure of what to make for dinner when you are cleaning the house! I will have to tackle the areas this week and get takeout as well!