Weekend Round Up

So I had a really nice weekend and I thought I would share a bit of it with you. It started out with a "lovely" trip to Jamba Juice for a shot of wheat juice. Fortunately they provide a slice of orange with the shot because it was absolutely disgusting--really bad disgusting. But hey, anything in the name of health right?

(Photo from http://www.aromathyme.biz/)

Then Saturday was spent running around doing chores and errands and feeling very productive about the whole day. The highlight was definitly taking my niece out for pizza at
Pizzaria 712. I have been wanting to try this place for such a long time and I finally got around to it. First may I just say that really I am bound to love any place that gives me free hummus and pit after ordering is going to have a special place in my heart. Really, I think that if I were forced to choose just one food to eat forever I could actually do it with hummus. Now back to what I ordered. I don't typically order salads because I find so many salads in restaurants to be less than interesting but on a whim I decided to order the mixed lettuces, roasted squash, gorgonzola, pecans, and vinaigrette salad and can I just say WOW. It was nearly to die for good. I followed that up with tomato sauce, hand-pulled mozzarella, and basil pizza. It was just as good as the salad--I especially like the thin crust. So yummy. I can't wait to go back--I might even branch out and try something different because really everything looked so good.

Saturday was also when I began my nightly impersonations of Laura Ingalls. You see, my hair is starting to get a bit long (it is at my shoulders which is long for me) and it really bothers me at night when I am trying to sleep to have it wrap around my neck. So I've begun braiding it into a single braid each night and that is working wonders. I think, actually, that I might be impersonating Mary Ingalls--didn't she have one braid? and Laura had two?

Anyway, then came Sunday. Dreaded Sunday. It started out rather poorly when I awoke and found this:

Really. Are you kidding me? It is nearly April. We really should be past this kind of weather.

Then the hours ticked by and my nerves really began to kick in. Since I have not yet learned to stop time, the time finally came. I gave my talk at Church. I am told that it went really well and that I didn't even sound nervous (I can hardly believe that since I could clearly hear my voice quivering but I attend church with some really nice people). After it was over I was tracked down and invited to join the women's writing group and the women's book club. I guess my talk must have passed some sort of test and I was proved worthy. Really I felt a little bit like Anne of Avonlea after giving a dramatic reading--without the puffed sleeves. I did however have on a great skirt that made me happy the entire day not only for how cute it is but also because when I bought it I couldn't actually zip it up and now I can (You needn't lecture me on how one shouldn't purchase items one can't actually fit into. I know. But I just couldn't resist.)

As a side note: the skirt is an excellent skirt for twirling in. And that brings us to Nursery. I think The Lord must have realized what a traumatic experience speaking was and had mercy on me in Nursery. We only had 4 kids. 4 kids! It was great. We laughed, we played, we twirled, we had a lesson about how we are grateful that Heavenly Father and Jesus made the fish for us and they got it. It was brilliant. I don't know how I am going to go back to having 12 kids (which I know is still not a lot, but the difference between what we could do with 4 and 12 is amazing).
So there it is. My weekend at a glance. There are a few things I didn't get done (for example, I found mold growing in my wheatgrass. Mold. Yuck. I was going to throw it out on Sunday but couldn't face having to wade through the snow.) but all in all it was really great.


Denise Hollinger said...

Love the skirt, glad your talk went well (and is over) and the pizza place sounds amazing! Why did we not go there when I was in town? I am starting a mental list of places I need to visit when I get back into town. I also want to go to the dessert/butter cream cookie place!

Yankee Girl said...

It is a bit pricey (not too bad but not fast food). We will have to do a girls lunch out next time you are here. When is that?

Jen said...

Love the skirt! SO cute! Your talk was great and I'm sure you delivered it well. I need to make a list as well so that when we're down that way, we can go to these great places. The pizza sounds fabulous! As far as the wheat juice goes....well that one may not make it on the list!