Resolution Report: March

Well, it is that time again. Time to report on how I am doing on my New Year's resolutions. I actually really like this reporting thing as it is rather motivating. So here goes:
Will not be lazy: I tend to measure this by how much time I spend in front of the television so in that regard I am doing quite well. For a couple of weeks now I haven't watched more than 1 hour a day and some days I haven't even watched any. (It should be noted that today I will be watcing several hours of television as the Yankees are playing on ESPN2 this afternoon--but watching baseball can hardly be considered a waste of time)
Will stay in control of mail in-box: For a couple of days this week I left 2 letters in it (gasp) but I took care of that and it is back to good.
Will not get annoyed with family: Really I think this is an ongoing thing that will never end.
Will not get upset over men: Yeah! My easy one. Done.
Will be positive about everyone: One of these months I am going to really focus on this one (but probably not this coming month).
Will develop inner poise: Again need to work on this.
Will lose 10 pounds: I've lost 6 pounds (hurrah). I seem to be at a little plataeu but I really can't complain too much. Only 4 more pounds to go sometime this year.
Will purge flat of extraneous matter: Done (or will be done by Thursday). I can't believe how happy and calm this one has made me. To look around and know that everything has a place (and is in its place) and there isn't a lot of "stuff" just hanging around is just so nice.
Will give away horrible clothes: Gave another batch away. This time I went through my wardrobe and got rid of anything that didn't make me happy or excited to wear.
Will improve career and find new job: Still taking classes.
Will read books and listen to classical music: I'm doing a very good job reading, but I'm not doing a great job listening to classical music. My classical music collection is a little sparse though so I really need to take a trip to the library to check some out. Does anyone have a favorite piece or composure that they would recommend?
Will go to the gym: 2-3 times a week!
Will make music mood mixes: Did this already and I'm still loving the mixes so I haven't needed to make new ones yet.
Will read Book of Mormon: Finished!
Will read Joseph Smith lessons: Started the book on Sunday so I'm hoping to have good things to report for April.
Will read from Preach My Gospel: Started this on Monday (I really had to get myself into gear after I challenged my ward in my Sacrament meeting talk to be doing this one).
Will write in journal: So so bad at this one in March.
Will do Family History work: I think we went twice. Once to BYU and once to Salt Lake. Good work continues.

So not too bad. I have very high hopes for April.

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Jen said...

You're awesome! I've never known ANYBODY who actually keeps their resolutions. You are amazing! And they're challenging ones at that!