One Last One (Okay Two)

And you know how Crocs are the ugliest shoe ever created but are supposed to be really comfortable? Well it seems there is such a thing as a stylish Croc. Check these Alice Crocs out:

I can absolutely see myself walking around (the entire town of) Boston in these. They also come in red, brown, and black but I like the purple ones best. Here is the thing, though, I don't know what size to get. They only come in whole sizes and I wear an 8 1/2 (sometimes and 8 but not often). Having never tried on a pair of Crocs before I don't know if I should go with an 8 or a 9. Does anyone know where I might be able to try these on in person or any Crocs in general?

And for those of you (us) that love shoes but don't have enough space to store all your (our) pairs here is the answer to all your problems (at least all your shoe problems).

It holds up to 30 pairs of shoes and adjusts to hold different types of shoes. Very cool.


Jen said...

Love this! I seriously need one of these...oh and a walk in closet to put it in!

Jillian said...

Cute shoes! I actually kinda want a pair of crocs because I hear they're so comfortable. Maybe I should look into these too. You can have the purple ones though. Oh, and I don't think the kid crocs are ugly. Grace now has purple ones (thanks to Denise & Alexa!) so you could be twins. She would love that! :)