1 Challenge Down 1 Challenge Up

I suppose I should finish up reporting on last week's challenge before I move on to the next one--especially since the next one is a bit of a doozy. I LOVE my new inspiration books. I just finished them up last night and I feel so happily organized. My niece even took a few minutes to flip through my book with wardrobe and room design pictures twice pausing to look at each page.That is what I feel like doing all the time now. Here's a picture of my inspiration books:

And now here's the new challenge:

Go Unplugged

1. Limit your daily TV time to 2 hours for one week. (Even better: It is National Turn Off the TV Week so just turn it off for the week!)

2. For one day, let your personal phone calls go to voicemail.

3. Now that you've had a few practice runs, try going for a whole day with ALL the gadgets that keep you connected switched to "off." No email, no blackberry, no phone, no TV, no iPod, no blogging - nada!

4. You did it! Your next step is to try incorporating more "unplugged" time into your daily life. Schedule a set time for emailing and returning voicemails every night. When the time's up, it's time to turn off the technology and focus back on you.

I told you it was a doozy. Actually, maybe it wouldn't be too hard for you but I can see it being a bit difficult for me. Fortunately, I have been cutting back on my tv watching time over the last 3-4 weeks and (except when there is a Yankee's baseball game on) I probably only watch about 2 hours a week anyway (Hence my added note about just turning the tv off for the whole week). The tough part for me will be no. 3: turning it all off for 1 day but the quiet and the silence will be good for me. Anyone up for joining me? on even a part of this challenge?


Denise said...

I will join you...somewhat. I usually only watch 2 hours of TV all week, not counting listening to kids shows that are on. I need to limit the TV the kids watch. They get an hour a day! The only thing I worry about is not answering any personal calls. I am worried I will be so far behind the next day. That probably tells me I talk on the phone too much :) Challenge on.

Yankee Girl said...

I was just read over the rules again and I can't figure out if we are supposed to only watch 2 hours a day for a week or 2 hours for the the whole week. (not that it matters for me since I'm turning off my tv for the whole week) It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to only watch 2 hours a day. That is actually quite a bit.

I'm glad you are joining me Denise.

Jen said...

This is a hard one! But I'll do it with you! So is Wed. the day with no gadgets? What about personal phone calls from the school? Is that allowed? Good one!

Yankee Girl said...

Thanks for joining Jen. Yes, we'll make Wed. no gadget day. I think calls from the school are allowed unless you need an excuse for not getting the message.

Just want everyone to know that the Yankees are playing on TV twice this week and I'm not going to give in. I'm not going to even cheat and tape it to watch later. This one just became lots harder.

Janel said...

I love your books, they look so nice! Sorry ladies I will not be joining you Gossip Girl starts tonight then the normal shows I watch are also on (medium, John and Kate, and The Hills) sorry maybe I'll try it later in the summer when nothings on.