Day Off

I have today off (oh, blessed day). I know what you are thinking, 3 hour lunch on Wednesday and now a full day off on Friday! But it is fair because next week I am going to have to go in to work really earlier in the morning like 6 am and I'm not looking forward to it. So YES I deserve this. Already I have run all my little errands and feel very accomplished. The rest of my day includes a stop by the Springville Art Museum to check out their latest exhibit that I keep hearing about, lunch out, maybe a little niecesitting at a local park that I have been meaning to stop by and a movie (I have a free code for redbox and a free ticket to the dollar movie and haven't decided which cheap way to spend my evening--but a movie out could include some really good but bad for you movie popcorn). Oh, and cleaning the bathroom. Anyway I didn't want to completely skip out on posting today so I thought I would cheat a little and introduce you to a little gem that MBC introduced me to on her blog: Hello Saferide and their song "Get Sick Soon." I'm with her, I don't know how I feel about the video but I love the song.

But I think I like this one better (also noted by MBC): The Quiz


Jen said...

Kinda funny songs, but I think the funniest part is how she talks about being afraid of feet in both of them! She has an interesting point of view. My favorite question in the Quiz was do you talk during Seinfeld! Have a fun weekend!

MBC said...

I really like the line from "The Quiz" about feet: Can you at all times wear socks, because I’m still scared of feet. Totally understand. Man feet are gross.

Yankee Girl said...

The feet part also spoke to me. I don't like feet whether they be male or female--only babies feet are nice.