Challenge no. 3

It is Peanut Butter Finger day at the cafeteria today so how could I not be happy? Somehow I even managed to save my PBF until after I ate my lunch so I am not only happy but rather pleased with myself.

So it is time to introduce a new challenge. I decided to take it a little easy on myself this time and so the challenge (once again from upumpitup.com) is to write 3 letters. I love getting letters and of course the best way to get letters is to send them out (well unless you are sending them to me cause I have the hardest time being good about responding--but that changes today!) So here is the challenge:

1. Write a letter to an older relative
2. Write a thank you note
3. Write a letter to a long-distance friend

See. How easy is that? Now the trick is to do it. If this one is just too easy you are welcome to join me in another challenge that I have just started: Learn a new language. My mother and I have been working on our Family History and for the most part it is going really well (it gets a bit difficult once we trace our roots to Ireland--where all my dad's family is from). There is this one branch, though, that has very little work done on it and my Grandmother has been hoping that we would be able to progress that work a little. The thing is, this line extends into Denmark. The Church has Danish records but guess what they are in Danish. So my mother convinced me that I should learn a little bit of Danish. I started yesterday and already I know how to say "Do you understand English," "Do you understand Danish," "Yes," "No, I don't understand" "a little," and "Are you an American." I am currently using the Pimsleur method (the same method my 2 year-old niece is learning French from--a 2 year old saying au revoir is the cutest thing ever) and so far it is going really well so here is hoping that this language will stick.

Of course all this learning of another language has put me in the mood to travel--a mood that was not helped when I noticed Border's Books has some of their travel books on sale--and then I was told about this little gem of a website. I think I will just have to follow suit and offer the service of mailing postcards from Denmark to anyone who will donate $100 or more to send me.

(photo via www.iho-ohi.org/)
Any takers? No?


Jen said...

I like this challenge (the letter writing one, not the language one). But I'm still working on last weeks. You're amazing!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I love writing letters. I think we are really losing the gift of writing well because of the speed and "smartness" of our computers--spell check, grammar check, thesaurus, text messaging and its horrible shorthand--you get the picture. I think hand written letters could help restore some of our language's beauty. Oh, I realize language changes over time as culture does, it has to. But the changes in usage now are coming so rapidly that there has been no time to adjust to it. Okay, I'm off the high horse now.

It is nice to see that you included a picture of my summer homw on your blog. :)

Yankee Girl said...

Jen--join any challenge whenever you would like.

STM--I absolutely agree we are losing the art of letter writing and that is so sad. And I love your summer home.