Kasseri Cheese

I've sadly been forgetting to do a write up on my cheese buys. I'll start with the Kasseri Cheese (cause I haven't even opened my Danish cheese yet) which is actually a sheep and goat's milk cheese rather than just the sheep milk cheese I reported it to be earlier and it is from Greece. I find it so cool that I bought cheese from Greece (although I probably killed just a little bit of the planet getting it to me). Anyway, I found it to be a little sharp and salty when eaten by itself but perfect on a water cracker. I tried it in an omelet and found that to also be very good. My final bit of exploring the cheese was to make the Greek dish saganaki. To make this you slice your cheese into 1/4 inch pieces drop them into some flour to coat and then fry them in butter or olive oil until slightly brown. Then you douse them with lemon juice. It was YUMMY. This is something I will make again as a special little treat (too expensive for mass distribution). So there it is. I highly recommend frying this cheese and would say it was quite nice on crackers as well. Next up is my Danish cheese.


Amanda said...

Sounds really good. We're big cheese eaters here - my three and five year olds both think that Gouda is the best thing ever, although they'll eat just about any kind of cheese. I can't wait until I live somewhere a little less rural and have a few more options than I get at the local Piggly Wiggly.

Yankee Girl said...

That is so cool that your kids love Gouda. Way to train them up well.