Family Reunion Time

My mother's side of the family is hosting a family reunion this year up at the Church's fancy new girl's camp in the Heber area. We will be "camping" (with roofs, and beds, and running water, and kitchens--my kind of camp) for two days but there has been a little discussion about getting everyone together for a third day possibly at Lagoon or at a local park. The thing is, though, that my Aunt Vicki who is putting this all together isn't getting much of a response on what to do. Since some of my family reads my blog and the rest of you belong to families who have possibly done family reunions before I thought I would pose to you the question "What should we do on that third day (which will numerically actually be the first day--a Thursday)?"

I was thinking that with the Olympics coming up this year it might be fun to do an Olympic themed day where were broken up into teams (not by family) and competed in "Fun" activities. Here are a few activities I have thought of so far:

1. 3-legged race (for the kids)
2. Pie eating contest--fastest not most (we could use Hostess fruit pies to allow lots of participation and save on cost)
3. Sudoku contest
5. Sketch Grandma and Grandpa contest (for the kids)
6. Danish speaking contest
7. Water-balloon Volleyball competition
8. A Decathlon Relay (Something that would require everyone on each team to participate)
9. Bocce Ball competition
10. Name that Tune or Singing Bee

What are your ideas? Remember for those of you who will be there, if you don't speak up then it will be your own fault if something you like isn't planned.


Janel said...

I like the idea "Name that tune" (no singing please no one wants to hear me sing)
I always love to play water volleyball but I think Bethany said she was scared to play that again.

Jen said...

I think the Danish speaking contest would be great as long as you're on my team! That all sounds really fun. I like the drawing contest of G & G. That could be hilarious!

moorefamilytime said...

Great ideas!! I love all the interactive stuff, but I'm also in for a trip to the zoo or something because I have great memories of the zoo and Lagoon with Grandma and Grandpa!! I can't wait!!

Yankee Girl said...

Rachel, I don't think anyone has mentioned the zoo. I am totally on board with that. I remember going to Lagoon with Grandma and Grandpa too. So much fun. I'm mentioning the zoo idea to Vicki, though.

Denise said...

Lagoon and the zoo sound fun. I am not going so my opinion does not really count. I would think you could do many of those activities mentioned earlier at the camp site. Either way it will be a blast and I am bummed I can not make it.

Kirk C. said...

I could just call up my mom, but what is the fun in that?!

I would worry about the cost for the zoo and/or Lagoon. I wold love to go though. All of those sound great though.

Janel said...

I vote for the zoo, I cant go on rides any more with out getting sick.

kristen said...

I LOVE human foosball!