Happy Librarian's Day

I doubt this it the best way to properly honor librarians today...that said here is a bit of fun. Once you've had a good laugh, though, please go out and hug a librarian today.

Just as a note, I would like to say that none of the librarians I know are frumpy or unattractive. They are intelligent, funny, witty, incredible good at their jobs, and very attractive.


Denise said...

Who knew you could get takeout and a workout at the library? The cool carrying case with the video got me! I am ready to buy. A little outdated. You should make an updated video or two :)

The gorilla video was funny. The library would never get complaints :) Random but funny.

Jen said...

Love the blond! That's one of my favorite commercials. And the last one...mating at the library convention? Interesting!

MBC said...

How did I not know about this holiday? I would have demanded gifts.