So, So Busy

Okay, so the 1 hour nap I took this afternoon probably isn't going to win any points of sympathy but I swear it was totally justified. Last night I went to see Annie at Kingsbury Hall--so good I highly recommend it (although it probably didn't justify the standing ovation that it was given--Americans are a bit liberal on giving standing ovations and that only serves to make the ovation worthless. I didn't stand.). My favorite song was "Your Not Fully Dressed Without a Smile" which totally surprised me as I thought Tomorrow would be the hit of the night. (Didn't get home until about midnight had to get up at 6 am: justification for nap this afternoon)

Tonight was my monthly crochet group were I began a bookmark. It doesn't completely look like a bookmark but it is a start. I am really getting into this crochet thing. The nice thing was that I almost finished the entire thing in 1 1/2 hours--guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!

And now I must run to watch one of my pretend boyfriends on CSI-NY. Just in case this doesn't fill your blog fix visit Stephmodo whose husband did a great post about cheeses that are available at your local Harmons (or at least in Salt Lake). I heart cheese.


Jen said...

O.K. I'm totally blown away!!! Where did you get the "I heart cheese" saying? Abby says it all the time and I don't know where she got it from and I don't think she does either. But she says it all the time and it's even written on her chalkboard right now! Is this some big joke I'm missing out on somehow?

Yankee Girl said...

I don't know where the "I heart ____" came from. I think it might be a way of writing out the graffiti people use when they scratch out I then draw a heart and then scratch out what it is they love. Anyway I think it is becoming a popular way of stating you love something. Does anyone else have a better explanation?

I totally heart Abby--smart girl.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I love Annie. If I had to make a top five list from childhood, it would have to be there. Carol Burnett is just such a fabulous Miss Hannigan.

I always thought it would be a fun show to be in--so many BIG songs. Easy Street. It's a Hard Knock Life. I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here. Hm . . . I wonder if I could talk the boys into Annie for a rainy movie afternoon? They love the raised train track scene at the end.

I heart 80's movies.