Weekend Countdown

10--the number of new clothes I bought over the weekend
9--number of scones I ate (they were smallish)
8--hours spent working on my blog (at least it felt like it--thanks Stacy)
7--things I didn't get to (ie the size of my to-do list right now)
6--kids in my nursery class on Sunday--pure heaven
5--the number of non-black, white, cream, or brown clothes bought
4--Sporting events watched (3 attended in person)
3--Sisters lunched with
2--New cheeses bought (A Greek sheep cheese & a Danish cow cheese)
1--Arm sunburned
0--New cheeses tried.


Denise Hollinger said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Shopping, sports and lunch. Wish I was there, I did yard work. Saturday was 75 degrees!!!! It might snow tonight though :( I hate this kind of weather.

Jen said...

Nice weekend! I think we need pics of your new clothes! And I love your new blog layout! Stacy is amazing! Keep us updated on the cheese situation! As Abby would say, "I heart cheese!"

Jillian said...

How did you manage to get a sunburn on only one arm?