Weekend Round Up

I had a lovely weekend (but then I always find conference weekends lovely as well as far too long and far too short all at the same time). It was so wonderful to sustain President Monson as the new President of the church and get to meet Elder D. Todd Christofferson our latest apostle. I found President Monson to be rather amusing (particularly when he was ad libbing) and I think President Uchtdorf is becoming one of my favorite speakers (is it OK to have a favorite). My more academic side truly appreciated Elder Ballard's talk but really they were all so good and I can't wait to get them in print and go over them again (I feel some challenges coming on).

Apart from the great opportunity of watching conference, I did do a little bit of celebrating (and after all that celebrating I am still completely organized). It started off with a quick trip down to a local boutique where I couldn't afford anything but where they were handing out treats to everyone from Dippidee (I picked the sugar cookie because I am a bit of a creature of habit who fears change when I know I already have a good thing) then I hit Smart Cookie. Yep, that's right folks I had cookies from two of my favorite bakeries that night--and I don't even regret it. I then swung by California Pizza Kitchen for their hummus appetizer and headed home to enjoy my organized home and my treats. After I finished my treats I settled in for one last indulgence: Le Parapluies de Cherbourg.

It is a fabulous little French film from the 60s and a musical no less. I love musicals; I can't get enough of musicals. The twist on this one is that all dialog (every single word) is sung (does that make it an opera?). The slight downside is that it is another one of those movies about stupid teenagers, but it is not too bad as no one actually dies in this one (okay strictly speaking that isn't true but our teenagers don't die)--I think that perhaps this is the outcome that Romeo and Juliet would have had if they had managed to live. Now I will admit to it being a bit cheesy (and sometimes the songs do go on) but it is really quite a good watch. And by a good watch may I just point out that especially for this movie I mean that it is very pretty. I loved all the colors. In fact it made me realize a few things: First (and this one doesn't have anything to do with colors but really must be said) if anyone ever proposes marriage to me by asking me to share my life with him if that wouldn't be too much of a burden I will probably say no. Second, I need a new, bright umbrella. I'm thinking one that is a nice robin-egg blue. And third, I need more color in my wardrobe (not that the wardrobe for the film were spectacularly colorful because it was really the walls that stole the show, but since I don't have loads of walls to color I will have to settle on my wardrobe--lots of digression going on here sorry). After the film I went to my room and took this picture of my closet:

Do you notice anything (besides it being very, very organized)? There is an awful lot of white, brown, and black going on here and not nearly enough color. So here is the plan: buy color. The first problem I have, though, is I don't actually know what colors look good on me. How do I find that out? Any suggestions?


Jen said...

Your closet looks awesome! You deserved your celebration cookies! It seems like my sister in law did some color analysis thing where it told her if she was a summer, winter, fall, or spring thing and then it told her which colors looked best on her. I'll have to see where she got it from. And she always looks good! Good luck! And you know it just means you get to go shopping!

Natalie said...

wow your closet looks amazing! I wish mine were that organized (but not enough to actually go organize it)good for you!!

Yankee Girl said...

I've heard about the winter, spring, summer, fall thing. I'll have to see if I can find info on that.