Have you ever seen a Wallace and Gromit short or full-feature film? Well I relate well to their love of cheese and like them often grin full-toothed at the thought of it. I rarely meet a cheese I don't like and that pattern is going to hold true to today's review of cheese: Havarti. It is a Danish cheese that I settled on for two reasons. First, I have had Havarti cheese before and liked it so it was a safe bet (I did get a dill flavored one to mix it up a bit but as my favorite spice is dill that wasn't to much of a stretch). And second, because I am learning to speak Danish so I figured I could have a cultural moment eating Danish cheese and speaking the Danish language. As my language skills are rather limited and as there is no one around who speaks Danish, my Danish cheese would have been my only audience to a conversation that would have gone something like this:

Hello. (wait for response)

How are you? (wait for response hoping that said response includes an inquiry into my own health)

I am fine, thank you (or I could also respond fine, thanks; Not too well; or I am not fine)

Are you Danish? (wait for response)

I am American. (at this point it would be hoped that my Danish skills would be praised)

Thanks. I understand and speak a little Danish but not to well. (now we are getting to the end of my Danish skills so I would need to feign some sort of an excuse for leaving. The only way I can do that now is to ask for directions somewhere and let the other speaker assume I need to get going)

Where is Hans Christian Anderson Boulevard? (wait for response--but the only responses I would understand are 'it is here' or 'it is over there' so hopefully the Boulevard is close)

Thanks, farewell.

After eating a bit of my cheese, though, I noticed it said it was a Danish-style cheese and so it probably wasn't even Danish and couldn't have understood my conversation anyway (hrmm, if I had had it). Still, the end result was some very nice cheese that I had with crackers and then later as a special grilled cheese sandwich.

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