It's a Wrap

So we have come to the end of our challenge (basically--I have 2 more days of no tv) so I thought I would do step 4 (Permanently incorporate more unplugged time into your everyday life) by taking a look at a few steps I am going to take. First, I don't really think that I have a problem with phone usage since I HATE (yes I know hate is a strong world) talking on the phone. I am also pretty good at limiting my time on the Internet as I tend to get bored by it easily (you see, I like things to displayed well for me whether it is clothes at a store or stuff on the Internet. I want to be able to see it quickly and decide if I like it it or not. I don't want to have to search for something so when I do I lose interest pretty quick). Email isn't too bad either since I tend to be pretty brief.

So my main problems would be the television and my iPod. Therefore, for the television I am going to limit myself to 2 hours a week (not counting Yankee baseball games which aren't on often enough to be a problem). Actually 2 hours is quite a bit of time for me. This means I can watch CSI-NY to get my Eddie fix and still have an entire hour left to spend wastefully wherever I want. I think this will help me to make much better programming choices (and hopefully help me to get some projects done in my new-found spare time).

Now that that is settled we must move on to my iPod which I think will be the hardest thing to manage. For now I think I will start off by giving myself the restriction of no iPod for 1 hour before bedtime. Hopefully this will help me make that time a nice restful, peaceful time. If that works I may start to branch out a bit more (like no music in the car--sometimes--like I voluntarily did this morning).
Oooh, I'm already nervous about this one because sometimes I like to listen to nice peaceful or soulful music late at night and that can still be a restive time for me. What should I do? Maybe if I created some meditation time where I was able to just sit and relax in peace for a specified time each day that would work. I think I'm going to have to think on this one a bit longer. Any suggestions?

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Jen said...

Have I mentioned yet how amazing you are to constantly challenge and improve yourself? You are my hero!