Exhibit 2

Today was a bit of a busy day around here. My sister, her husband, and 2 little girls are in town and so we are trying diligently to be good hosts. Today's good hosting responsibilities included hitting the Salt Lake Aquarium, lunch at The Pie, and a little shopping at Steve and Barry's. The Aquarium was kind of fun. It was good that the girls are young, though, and have never been to Sea World. It had a small section of Utah fish and a small section on marine life (the emphasis here should be on the words small). In the marine section they had sting rays swimming around in an open pool and if you are brave enough you can stick your hand into the water and pet them. My brother-in-law Josh was the only brave one. The stuff they did have was pretty cool--my favorite part was the jelly fish so cool. I'd recommend the Aquarium if you have kids who are say 3-8 years old (and haven't been to Sea World). I hear that the Aquarium has plans to expand so hopefully it will be better in the coming years.

After the Aquarium we hit one of The Pie locations and had some really delicious pizza (and cheese pull aparts a.k.a. breadsticks). It is at the point in my post that I would like to introduce exhibit B into our proceedings:

My sister is probably going to kill me for showing you this picture, but just focus on the food in the picture and I might just live. So here it is the second reason this week is becoming a week of gluttony. Seriously good pizza. Anyway, I've got to run (exhibit C is calling my name as we speak).

Oh but before I go I have to tell you of the near encounter I had with another Sigg user. It nearly happened in the cafe at the aquarium. There was this woman sitting in there with two small children and there was a Sigg bottle on the table. I nearly went up to her and told her how cool it was that she was so fashionably saving the world, but I didn't. Instead I ran over to my sisters and told them. Do you think I have a problem?


Janel said...

The pizza looks good!!! I should of gone. Denise is so going to get you back with her picture she took of you last night.

Denise Hollinger said...

She is right ya know. When I post the fun pictures I will make sure to tell all your friends, that read your blog, to check out my blog. I had so much fun while in town. Thank you for everything.

Lexi and me are really sick right now. Hope nobody else is sick at home. We have the cold with ear aches and Lexi has been throwing up. That is my excuse for having nothing done!