Resolution Time

Well it is about that time to be reporting on my resolutions so here goes:
  • Will not be lazy--I have been fairly productive over the last few days, but I still watch far too much tv.
  • Will stay in control of mail in-box--Have been very good with this (and there is nothing in it right now!)
  • Will not get annoyed with family--Doing better here too.
  • Will not get upset over men--Easy one as there are no men in my life to get upset over.
  • Will be positive about everyone --I mental swore at two adults in nursery on Sunday--must work on this one.
  • Will develop inner poise--next month?
  • Will lose 10 pounds--I have lost about 3 pounds and am very pleased.
  • Will purge flat of extraneous matter--next month?
  • Will give away horrible clothes--done
  • Will improve career and find new job--still in my classes.
  • Will read books and listen to classical music--Am reading books am not listening to classical music. next month?
  • Will go to the gym--Have been very good at this!
  • Will make music mood mixes--done
  • Will read Book of Mormon--am in Ether.
  • Will read Joseph Smith lessons--next month?
  • Will read from Preach My Gospel--next month?
  • Will write in journal--could do better.
  • Will do Family History work--worked on it twice last month for several hours and am working on it again this weekend in Salt Lake!
Well, I am rather impressed with myself. I have a few listed as 'next month?' that are really quite simple if I would just make the time.


Natalie said...

You are rockin! Keep up the good work!

Denise Hollinger said...

Good job! The little things are the hardest for me to do. You will really have to work hard on "not getting upset with family" next week when me and my monster's are in town :) I can not wait!!!

Caryl Hepworth said...

From Grandma H -- love your blog and just wish for more time to read everything. Jenny Packer told me about it and how much she loved getting to know you better. I feel the same way!