Vantage Point

So how many times can you roll your eyes during a movie and still come out of it partially satisfied and willing to recommend it to some individuals? Apparently at least 20 times. I saw Vantage Point last night and spent a good portion of it rolling my eyes (especially during the first half). And yet it wasn't all that bad. The tagline at imbd is '8 Strangers. 8 Points of view. 1 Truth.' and really I wish I'd paid attention to the tagline a little more before I went into the movie because, yeah, they give you 8 points of view of the same event. By the fourth point of view I was beginning to get annoyed and just wanted them to get on with it but points 7 and 8 were better and finally get the movie moving. It is actually kind of funny to think that the points I found most boring and slow were the shots fired and multiple bombs going off. With all the points of view being shown one after another, I did find it a bit hard to follow the actual sequence of events but if you pay attention you will figure out what is going on before they actually tell you (I like this about some movies. It drives me nuts when a director purposely keeps the audience in the dark so as to surprise us. Let the smart people be smart and the slower people be surprised). I've got to say I didn't much care for Forest Whitaker's character and really disliked using the news team as the device that told us about Quaid's background. Also, Dennis Quaid is starting to get old, but not so old as to be completely unbelievable. In the end I would say if you liked the Bourne Identity movies you will probably like this movie. It is probably, though, a movie you could wait to rent (or see at the dollar movies); renting would be good because when it is all over and you still have questions about people's connections to each other you can simply go back and re-watch certain parts--also it might be interesting to watch it again knowing what is going on to see how clever the movie is.

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Denise Hollinger said...

I have heard from a lot of people to wait and rent the movie. A friend went to the movie and the whole audience would boo and moan when it would repeat itself again. Sounds interesting and we loved Born Identity; we will have to see it. Probably will wait until it comes out to rent!