2-Year-Old Death Threat

Last night when I went up to bed it became immediately clear to me that my 2 year old niece Ellie had made an unauthorized and unaccompanied visit to my bedroom.

My first clue: All my little random decorations that sit on my bookcases were rearranged throughout the room.

My second clue: When I pulled back my bed covers I found a baby doll head--just the head.

I've never actually seen The Godfather movies but I vaguely understand that finding a horse's head in your bed is a very bad thing. So what does it mean when a two year old puts a doll head in your bed? Do I need to start sleeping with 1 eye open? Do I owe "the family" a great debt? When she tries to tickle me under my chin is she really trying to choke me with her cute little fingers? All really important questions when you suspect a two year old might be contemplating your murder.


Kirk C. said...

Now that is absolutely hilarious. Maybe she's telling you that she needs a new doll and she knows you are the one that will provide?

Kimberly said...

Soo cute! you never know about those two year olds. :)

Jillian said...

That's funny. I guess you'd better watch out for her!

Jen said...

I heard in cases like these, that the best way to soothe a 2 year old possible murderer is bribery. Chocolate and trips to amusement parks and little presents seem to work really well. Money and furs don't seem to quite do the trick yet at this age, but will come in handy when she turns about 5. Good luck. Be careful starting your car!

Yankee Girl said...

Thank you for your good wishes and excellent advice.