Man-Candy Tuesday

Yesterday I spent nearly the entire work day at a horrible meeting where I picked up some great knowledge such as "you can use a calendar to figure out what day it is" (I kid you not). I hate meeting to begin with but when the meeting has next to no point and drags on hours longer than it should it makes me cranky and sucks my brain dry. Under such conditions I can hardly be expected to post, right? Even today I feel that I haven't completely recovered and so I am begging of with a fairly lame excuse of a post: Man-Candy Tuesday.

Over the weekend I saw P.S. I Love You which I quite enjoyed. I read the book about 1 1/2 years ago which is the perfect amount of distance between a book and a movie. While my sisters and mother hated it for straying from the book I thought it was very good and stayed with the overall feel of the book--and really what more can you ask from a movie that is based on a 300 page book? If you feel the need for a good cry let me recommend this one to you. I cried through the entire thing--I lost count after I broke down for the 5th time--one of the deleted scenes even made me cry.

Anyway, on to the man candy. I am thinking about adding someone to my five (which currently stands at just 4) and here are a couple of contenders from the movie:

Gerard Butler:

And Jeffrey Dean Morgan:

Gerard is of course rather nice to look at but I'm not completely sold because he seems a bit swarmy (what's the spelling I'm looking for her) and his character from the movie kept calling his wife "baby" and I just can't tolerate that. Jeffery is also nice to look at and his character from the movie was rather charming, but I don't know much else about him.

--did you notice they actually look a bit alike. I guess I have a type and it is clear now that James McAvoy never really had a chance at making the cut: he is all yours Nemesis.


Yankee Girl said...

I'd just like to add that I didn't actually find the movie depressing despite all my crying. I kind of felt like ok gotta go out and live life by the end of it.

Natalie said...

Ok I'm glad to hear that you liked it. I have been wanting to see it but haven't really heard anything about it, so I'm totally going to get it from redbox and watch it. And, in my opinion, either option would be a great addition to the list. :)

Jen said...

Glad to know you liked it. I heard it was a crier and so I wasn't going to see it, but if you say it's not depressing, maybe I'll give it a chance. I just hate movies that don't have a good ending!

Janel said...

I loved the book soooooooooo good the movie not so much. The guys in the movie are pretty hot!

Denise said...

Gerard Butler is very good looking! I did not like his character in the movie but I still think is much better looking than the 2nd guy!

The book was much better than the movie, in my opinion.