Time to Panic

Have you ever hear anyone complain that some holidays (like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day for example) are just manufactured by candy makers and card manufacturers? Well, I have often thought this to be true (but never complained too much as I am often on the receiving end of a nice box of chocolates) but just this morning I have had a bit of an epiphany: It is not true. If it were true we would not currently be in a candy-giving drought (a drought that is currently projected to last until October 31st). I for one am quite disappointed. Obviously the love and respect I have given candy makers and card manufacturers everywhere has been handed over too lightly. I ask you, exactly what is becoming of the America I love?

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Denise said...

Thanks, now I am craving candy corn! Crazy that we are in a drought, yet America is still very overweight!?!? I will have to send out some candy soon :)