Hungry Planet

Back in January I did this post about the weekly food expenditures of various families around the world. The pictures came from a book called Hungry Planet: What the World Eats which ever since doing my post I had intended on checking out from the library. I kept putting it off in favor of some novels that had been recommended to me, but then I decided that I could just check it out and look at the pictures--I didn't actually have to read it. So I checked it out and I am so totally reading this book. So far I've just read the introduction and about the first two families--still, I am so entirely hooked. The pictures are so incredible and reading about what the families say about food and their consumption of it has been so fascinating. Back in January when I did my first post on this I mentioned how embarrassed I was about the food eaten by the Americans and hoped that my weekly food wouldn't look quite like that (I also resolved to eat more fruits and veggies which I am doing but now I feel the need to do even more). I am happy to report to you, though, that at least one of the American families who participated was equally embarrassed and now has the picture hanging in their house as a reminder of what and how they no longer want to eat. One of the interesting things brought up in the introduction of the book is how there are now 2 major health concerns when it comes to food consumption: 1) that some people don't have enough and 2) that some people eat way too much. Anyway, I highly recommend the book and hope that it helps you to make some healthier food choices (I really need to start making more from scratch so as to avoid all those nasty preservatives).


Janel said...

Wow! That picture is so gross. It makes me not to want to eat pizza any more.

Joy C. said...

I should read that book. I need more motivation! I always slip back into what is easy.

kristen said...

Ok, that picture is so disgusting.

I've actually been doing pretty good with the fruits and veggies the last few years.