Save the Honey Bee

Since I started off the day with a post on food I thought I would continue that theme just a little bit longer. Did you know that the honey bees are dying and that this is a real problem since about 30% of our food is dependent on honey bee pollination. Thanks Nem for alerting me to the problem (read here for what she said). Since reading Nem's post I have been hearing about the plight of the bees everywhere. First on KSL radio, then in 2 seperate magazines, and lastly at this website: http://www.helpthehoneybees.com/ (although I went there knowing I would be hearing about the problem). So here is what I have resolved to do to help:

  1. Plant sunflowers
  2. Buy some local honey
  3. Buy some Häagen-Dazs icecream because they are funding some research to help save the honey bees--plus icecream is good.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

M m m . . . Hagen Daz.

The bee in my bonnet (sorry, this comment is from post-previous) is when I see parents at the grocery store with their really fat kids tweenies throwing junk into the cart as fast as the kids can point their chubby fingers at it.

Fat adults, okay--our bodies slow down, exercise becomes more difficult, and we at least choose what we eat. But when a mother buys her nine year old nothing but corn dogs, capri-sun pouches, ice cream, frozen pizza and white bread, (and don't forget the token bananas), that is practically child abuse. This is NOT, at least in this country, a money issue. It costs more money to eat as below than it does to buy food that has to be cooked with controlled portions and ingredients. It is a time and committment issue.

Promise. Off the soap box. :)

Science Teacher Mommy said...

PS. A thin slice of avocado on that hamburger just might be the perfect completion item.

Yankee Girl said...

I love your soap box. And thanks for the tip on the avocado.

Joy C. said...

Those are such easy goals! We could al do that! I always plant sunflowers, now I just need more Häagen-Dazs icecream!

kristen said...

Yeah, I've heard about the honey bees. There's a science teacher here who has gotten bee hives or something to have them in his back yard (apparently that's the thing to do now). I'm not a huge fan of bees simply because I'm scared spitless of being stung.

Denise said...

Have you seen the "Bee Movie" with the voice of Jerry Seinfeld? It is all about the problem and what will happen w/o the bees, just in a cartoon kinda way! Josh's Grandparents have a man made bee hive and give us fresh honey. It is soooo good. Buying local honey means fresh and very tasty. They usually sell it at the farmers market.

I have never had Haagen-Dazs ice cream before; I will have to try it. I will tell Josh you said I need it :) He gets frustrated with the grocery bill because I try to go organic and as fresh and healthy as I can.

I agree with almost everything Science Teacher Mommy said. The almost is because I am lost about the burger and what are token bananas?? I think parents are cursing young kiddos by instilling the bad eating habits on them. The public schools here are trying to get tax payers to drop P.E and musical classes. Recess has already been cut in half! It will probably pass because we are a retirement community and no one seems to care about the children! I am so frustrated. I get they are low in money but we already have overweight kids in school. There is my soap box! Sorry for the long comment!

Yankee Girl said...

By token bananas she means that people don't eat the amount of fruits and veggies they should but try to make themselves feel better by buying a little bit and calling that good. The hamburger suggestion is an on-going conversation we are having.

Jen said...

I've heard of this before and it's a real problem. A guy Janzen works with raises bees and we buy our honey from him (YUM!!!) But last year every one of his bees flew away and never came back! Have you heard the theory that cell phone towers are messing up the way they navigate?