Resolution Report: April

Let's see how I did last month:
  • Will not be lazy: Ok, so if you measure it by the amount of tv watched (one of the ways I would measure it) I am doing really well. But now that I am not wasting so much time watching tv I think I need to start examining whether or not what I am doing now still falls into the "lazy" category. I read a lot more now than I did a couple months ago which is not a bad thing, but I do think I need to be DOING a bit more.
  • Will stay in control of mail in-box: Still going well
  • Will not get annoyed with family: Did pretty good on this front last month
  • Will not get upset over men: Excellent
  • Will be positive about everyone: Still a problem, but doing better. Reading The Peacegiver has been a huge help.
  • Will develop inner poise: I worked on becoming a better conversationalist (which I think is key to feeling your inner poise--I think being able to talk about what you think without throwing your drink on someone fits into inner poise. Also, I think being able to talk with conficence that you have something interesting to say rather than with fear that you have nothing to say is another good part of feeling your inner poise.)
  • Will lose 10 pounds: Lost 2 more pounds bringing my total to 8 pounds this year!
  • Will purge flat of extraneous matter: I'm still feeling very organized.
  • Will give away horrible clothes: Purged again!
  • Will improve career: Finished my courses and got an A in both. Now I need to start applying for some jobs while I look to see what courses I will be taking in the Fall.
  • Will read books: Love, Love, Love this goal.
  • Will listen to classical music: I increased my time listening to classical music last month. Yay!
  • Will go to the gym: This was a bit hit and miss. Need to do better.
  • Will make music mood mixes: Probably time to do some new mixes.
  • Will read Book of Mormon: Finished.
    Will read Joseph Smith lessons: Caught up!!!
  • Will read from Preach My Gospel: This one is a bit hit and miss--which is bad since that talk I gave last month encouraged everyone to be studying this study guide. Must do better.
  • Will write in journal: This one has been hit and miss as well.
  • Will do Family History work: Worked on this a couple of times this month and am learing Danish to help with my Danish line.
Well, there are some areas that still need some work, but I'm feeling pretty happy about where I am right now. I think the focuses for this month will be: writing in my journal, making some mood mixes, and developing inner poise.


Amanda said...

Look at you being so ambitious! I should probably make some new year's resolutions. It's not too late, right? :)

Yankee Girl said...

It is never to late to start or to start over! I live by those words.

Jen said...

You are amazing! I love how you are accountable to yourself. It's a rarity! Way to go!