I Don't Know What Is Wrong With Me...

I am usually much better at posting on my blog, but this week I just haven't been feeling it--It is Thursday and this is just my second post of the week! To try to get me kick started I thought I would do a bit of a tag to let you in on what I have been doing instead of blogging:

Project of the week: I went to my crochet group last night and we started a baby blanket. It will probably take me all summer to finish it and when I do it probably won't be worth giving away but I'm excited about it. The real bonus to attending my group this week was that I seem to finally be able to read a pattern (mostly).

Gripe of the week: I got to go to Relief Society on Sunday (the men took over all the church callings for Mother's Day so I got the day off from nursery--this is not the gripe) and a woman stood up during the announcement phase and read an email that she had received telling her that 10 years ago President Hinckley prophesied that there would be 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine and that puts us in the middle of the 7 years of famine and so to prepare ourselves we should join her in buying a food dehydrator. Hrrg! Now I am all for being prepared and having a food storage but why do we have to go all crazy and scary about it. (Let's not even get started into the whole rice shortage thing that isn't real--The US is not in a rice shortage other parts of the world are but we are not and the only reason that there is a limit on the amount of rice you can buy in certain stores is that people are panicking creating a rice shortage at that store not in the country) So could we all start paying better attention and try to be a little smarter? Probably not, but can you at least keep your craziness out of my Relief Society meetings?

What I spent the morning thinking about: I love museums. I was thinking about how much I love visiting them and that the best museums are the smaller ones that concentrate on 1 artist or 1 type of art. For example, while I love the Louvre it is huge and leaves me feeling completely confused and overwhelmed. But when I visited the Rijksmeusme in Amsterdam I left with a good grasp on what Dutch art is all about and can now recognize Dutch paintings without reading the tag.

What I'm really excited about: It is almost Friday!!!! I don't have any real plans for the weekend, but it will be the weekend and I will be happy that it is the weekend.

Book I'm reading: Gilead. As far as I can tell right now it is just one long letter from an old man to his son and I'm just not really into it. I need a climax! Is there going to be a climax?

After reading this post you probably understand just a little bit better why I haven't posted. I think tweaking a common saying just a little suits my situation quite well: If you don't have anything interesting to post don't post anything at all.

Sorry, will try to more interesting in the future.


MBC said...

As far as I can remember, Gilead never picks up. It's really slow all the way through. Well-written but REALLY slow.

moorefamilytime said...

So I think it is pretty funny that you mention the rice crises. I live in Idaho now, but I still keep in contact with many of you Utahns... so I heard about the empty shelves in stores where rice usually sits. So out of curiosity, I headed to the store... and we have PLENTY of rice.. although it's a little more expensive than usual. Pretty crazy crisis that only exists in certain areas. My friend said that her mom bought her a 50 lb. bag just because there was ONE LEFT at Costco!!!! Hey, and don't feel bad about the blog rut.. Two in one week is still pertty darn good.

moorefamilytime said...

crisis and cosco... spelling and typing... I'll never get it right

Yankee Girl said...

MBC--I think I'm going to have to supplement my reading with something a bit more exciting on the side. It really is well written, though.

Rachel--I didn't even notice the miss spelled words until you pointed it out. My mom was telling me about a newly-wed couple who recently returned all of their wedding gifts and went to the store to purchase their food storage where they purchased about 10 times the ammount of yeast that they will ever use in their lifetime and several bags of rock salt (they bought the rock salt because they saw someone else purchasing it and figured they might need some as well--it was the really big bags that are used in water softening systems).

Jen said...

You know, President Hinckly never even said those exact words. It was right after September 11th and he said that he wanted to comment on Joseph and the seven years of plenty. I'll have to go find it, but I really don't think he ever "prophesied" it. I'm all for food storage too and I probably get on the panicky side, but rock salt, that's too funny!

Yankee Girl said...

I figured he hadn't actaully said/prophesied otherwise I would have heard it from a credible source and not an email recieved by someone else.